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- On an already-made artwork (shipping, etc.)
- On a Custom Stained Glass Commission


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Wanna buy something? I accept [1] checks (which take a bit longer), and [2] credit cards or money transfers via PAYPAL. If you prefer paying by credit card or electronic bank transfer, the PAYPAL option, accessed by clicking on the PayPal image to the left, is a secure way to transfer money on the internet.

If you want to buy an artwork that you've seen on this site or one that you want to have made especially for you, we'll need to communicate first so you can get an accurate quote from me.

IMPORTANT: Please gather the relevant information BEFORE contacting me!

Contacting me by phone or email does not obligate you to make a purchase; it merely provides information that allows me to discuss your needs and ideas from an informed place, to re-contact you as necessary, and (possibly) to show you drawings drawings I have created just for you. YOUR CONTACT INFO WILL NEVER BE SOLD OR GIVEN TO ANYONE.

Here we go!

Contact information:    [Required]

  • Name
  • Address - [this allows me to include shipping costs]
  • Phone number(s) - [best times to call, if pertinent]
  • Email address - [this is only necessary if you are not emailing me]
  • How you found my web site - [This is optional, but helps me a great deal in marketing my web site]

Reason for contact:

  • Are you placing an order or wanting a quote on a custom-made artwork?
  • Do you have questions?
  • Do you wish to comment on some aspect of my work or my web site?

Project information:    [For commissions only]

  • The number of distinct panels or objects desired
  • The size(s) of the panels or objects -- Approximate sizes are okay for giving quotes and developing potential designs, but the price quote may change if the actual sizes turn out to be more than 1 inch off from the approximate sizes provided. Therefore, try to be accurate [or at least close] when giving sizes. If we go ahead with the commission, a detailed account on the process of taking final measurements can be read here.
  • The shape(s) of the panels or objects -- If no shapes are specified, I will assume you need only rectangular shapes.
  • The setting -- Knowing where the artwork(s) will hang, stand, or be installed helps me to make suggestions concerning privacy, light reduction, color or lack thereof, design style, subject matter, etc.
  • The design -- I must have a good idea of the design you wish to incorporate before I can give you a reasonably accurate estimate. Don't get nervous! You do not have to know exactly what you want. It's my job to help you zero in on the design that will fit your setting, your desires, and your budget. The best way to begin to know what information I will need is to read my Commission Process page. That page will help you to consider all of the functional and artistic aspects that you'll want to consider. Another option is to give me the titles of artowrks in my Gallery that are similar to what you may want. The more information you can give me, the more likely that my quote will be accurate.
  • Other options -- Bevels, jewels, lettering, sandblasted flash glass... these are also talked about on my Commission Process page. Bevels are discussed in greater detail on my Beveled Options page.
  • The time frame -- How soon do you want or need to have this commission in your posession?
  • Shipping information -- The address where I will ship artworks to you.             AT MINIMUM, I will need your zip code.

Once you are prepared to give me the information outlined above, you can either...

  • Phone me at (303) 522-4566 -- Since my studio is in my home, I can be reached by phone between 9am and 10pm Mountain Time, seven days a week. If you get my answering machine, leave not only your name and phone number, but the best times for me to call you back.
  • Send me an email --

free stained glass quote,free beveled glass estimate