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testimonials of stained glass


stained glass testimonials


stained glass testimonials






stained glass testimonial


stained glass testimonial



Note: Although some of these testimonials were requested by me, I have changed nothing but spelling errors.

Mark Stine IS the most honest, creative, talented artist! I found Mark's Transparent Dreams website while researching stained glass. My husband and I wanted to give our son and his new bride a unique gift for their wedding that would symbolize the union of two wonderful, inter-faith people and serve as a family heirloom-a legacy-for our children's children's children. I read his site completely, studied his artwork, the craftsmanship, and learned about the characteristics of quality stained-glass workmanship. I then went to several local art shows and "studied" their stained glass artistry and technique utilizing Mark's guidelines for recognizing good quality stained glass. No one could match his craftsmanship-NO ONE!! So, I followed the commission process posted online, and emailed Mark. He followed up immediately, so I called him to discuss the details. He was so genuine, forthright, and honest. I knew at that moment I wanted only Mark to create my son's family heirloom! Over the months of creating the piece, he was very professional. His communications were timely, detailed, and included step by step pictures of the creative process. Then, our beautiful masterpiece stained glass window was completed and shipped. Our son and daughter-in-law were amazed and speechless when they opened their wedding gift surprise! They said it was the most beautiful stained glass they had ever seen! They said, "This is such a magnificent, unique, one-of-a-kind, gift! We LOVE it!" My husband and I are very pleased with our beautiful stained glass gift, and our entire experience working with Mark. I highly recommend him!
Mark, you are such an honest, fabulous, talented artist, and master of your craft! It's been such a pleasure working with you. Thank you.

Toni Beth K. - Virginia Beach, VA

(the artwork referred to in the testimonial above can be seen here.)

Mark - Just wanted to let you know that the glass arrived today and it is truly stunning. The pictures you sent didn't capture the colors at all. They are just brilliant. I looked at some stained glass work at art fairs and a studio here in NY and am very glad I found your web site. After reading on your site, and ESPECIALLY after seeing the finished work, I now can see the difference that experienced and precision craftsmanship makes. I've never seen glass like yours before. The lines are so flowing, so even. Everything looks so precisely fitted. The curves for the lettering are so perfect! I can't wait to see what my friend thinks. We will send pictures when it is established in its final display place (they are still waiting for new home to pass inspection). Thank you so much for the work and talent you put into this piece for me!

Denise B. DVM, Geneva, NY

"Mark Stine's glass studio was recommended by a contractor to do the stained glass for our entryway. When we first spoke by phone, I was a little unsure of this since his studio was so far from us. He assured me that he was experienced in working for people who did not live nearby, so I asked him to send me photos of his work and a bid on our front hall windows. The work appeared to be better than the stained glass we had seen locally, and the bid was only a little bit higher than bids we had gotten from studios near us. Mark explained that the cost of shipping was offset by not having to pay taxes as we would have had to do with a local stained glass shop. He guided my husband through taking the right measurements and sent more than 30 glass samples in the various colors and textures we were considering. The work arrived on time and in good order, and was easily installed by a local glass person, as Mark had suggested. We absolutely love the result and we get many comments on it from visitors to our new home. I can honestly recommend Mark Stine's studio, even to people who do not live near him."

LaClita R., Gainsville GA

"My business partner and I first saw Mark Stine's stained glass in a gallery in Denver. At the time, we were just getting our fast food restaurant project off the ground and we were considering stained glass as part of the decor. Mark designed the windows to be cost effective; each restaurant had many simple but elegant windows as transoms and room dividers, with one fancy window by the front door that included the name of the city in it. Mark's bid was comparable to the others we got, but his designs seemed to be the most creative so we gave him the job. For the next 3 1/2 years, Mark's shop created hundreds of windows for what was eventually 13 restaurants. The quality of the work was consistently excellent. Mark was the only subcontractor who was always on time. His work had to wait for almost every location's construction crew to catch up. He personally delivered the work to all 13 restaurants in Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho. I even commissioned a special logo artwork for my office. Mark was the ultimate professional. Even though he asked me to write this testimonial, I am glad to do it. I recommend his studio highly."

Andy R., Main Street 1910 Restaurants, Denver CO

"We manufacture large scale wood carving furniture and installations, including many large entryways for both commercial and residential projects. I had just taken on the most intricately carved residential entryway that our company had ever been commissioned to make when I spotted the signs on the side of Mark Stine's van, and handed him my business card. He came to my office the next day before heading back to Denver and showed me several stunning artworks that he had with him. Although his studio is far from Santa Fe, I wanted to give him a chance to bid against the local studio that I had used for stained glass in the past. I faxed Mark a design for a 7 foot circle of stained glass that would sit above the door in the entryway we had been commissioned to make. The next day, Mark faxed me back that a 7 foot circular window would not be as sound as breaking up the stained glass into a 4 foot circle with eight surrounding pieces. His fax included a redrawn version of the original design which included the internal wood framework that he was proposing we include. I felt that this effort was way beyond what I usually expected from a subcontractor! Not only that, but Mark's bid was only slightly higher than the one I got from the local glass studio, including personally delivering the stained glass to us. Naturally, the small extra cost was well worth the superior craftsmanship of this studio's work, and we were happy to give them the commission. Although we sent templates for the nine panels, Mark's measurements on a previous occasion convinced him that the templates were off. He called to tell me this, and we agreed that he would drive down to Santa Fe to recheck the fit. We agreed that I would pay him for this trip if the templates were actually off, but not pay him if the templates were actually okay. They were indeed off. The few hundred dollars extra was well worth having the panels made right. Mark also spoke directly with my clients back East, then sent them glass samples so they could pick out just the right glasses. Although we began this process months ahead of time, problems with the clients resulted in my not being able to get the down payment to Mark until just 3 weeks before I needed the windows delivered. He rearranged his studio's schedule to get the work to me on the date promised. The panels were stunning and they fit perfectly into place. I could not have been more satisfied."

Jeremy M., Santa Fe NM

"It has been five years since we built our home, and I've forgotten just how we met Mark Stine. What I do remember is the professionalism with which we were treated by Mark and his studio. He guided us through each of the eight projects he did for our home. His suggestions were always insightful. Our house is filled with stained glass and beveled glass windows that continue to get lots of wonderful comments from people who visit us. Many thanks, Mark, for being the kind of caring artist that you are."

Bill A., Bel Air CA

"Tony and I met Mark at an arts and crafts show about two years ago. I have always liked stained glass, but was usually disappointed with the quality of the pieces I had seen. I was immediately very impressed with the quality of Mark's work, which is still the best I have ever seen. We bought a hanging piece that day, which we love. About a year later, I called Mark to see if we could have the piece enlarged to fit our front door. Mark was very accommodating.  He came to our house to look at the door. He said he would do what we wanted, but pointed out that it wouldn't cost much more to make a brand new piece than to enlarge the one we already had. It worked out great because we were able to match the colors of our front hall carpet runner. Mark did his usual excellent job and installed the piece within a very short time. Now we love two of his artworks!"

Shelly N., Denver CO

"I have recommended Transparent Dreams Glass Studio to a number of my clients, and I have commissioned their art for two of my own homes. Mark Stine has always been courteous, dependable, accommodating, and one of the only contractors I have worked with who has always finished the work on time. His ability to design stained glass that is simple, yet original and elegant has made it easy to convince my clients that getting bids from other stained glass studios is unnecessary. Anyone who has looked closely at stained glass in commercial and residential settings will immediately appreciate the work of this studio. It is the best! Mark has also been completely open and honest in letting me know what he is doing for my clients, and in paying me a commission. I will continue to recommend this studio whenever I can."

Chris H., ASID, Littleton CO

"Transparent Dreams Glass was recommended to me by my interior designer. What impressed me most about them was that Mark Stine never missed a meeting with us and was even on time! He helped my husband and I through every aspect of the process and he was never satisfied until we were. The stained glass windows his studio did for our front hall have gotten more comments than any other thing we did to decorate our home."

Carol D., Denver CO

"Some years ago, my husband and I wanted to donate something to our synagogue in memory of our departed parents. The Rabbi said that the board had been thinking of having a stained glass artwork made for the Bimah (the holy Ark that holds the Hebrew Bible scrolls). We agreed to donate this artwork as long as our dear friend, Mark Stine, was commissioned to make it. Mark spoke with us and with the Rabbi, then designed four completely unique designs. We and the Rabbi liked the same design best, so there was no doubt as to which one Mark would make. The final piece was mounted in a beautiful wood frame, which Mark had made by one of his resources, and back-lit with fluorescent lights. At first, it could only be seen when the Bimah's drapes were opened to remove or put back one of the Torahs. About a year later, the synagogue's board decided they liked the stained glass so much that they had new drapes made which would hang down starting below the stained glass. After that, Mark's artwork could be seen all the time. A few years after that, our synagogue merged with another synagogue, and moved into their buildings. We made sure that Mark's stained glass was removed and safely stored until it could be remounted in the other synagogue. It really is a magnificent piece."

Darlene S., Denver CO

"I love horses and I love stained glass. I had been looking for a stained glass artist for over three years to create a horse in stained glass. Until I saw Mark's work, I was continually disappointed with the quality of the stained glass I saw. Mark's work was very intricate and very clean looking. I immediately knew that I had been smart in waiting, and that Mark would be the one to create my stained glass horse. Mark helped me to decide what I wanted the piece to look like and how much I wanted to spend. He created three drawings that were all great. I picked the one I liked best, and he made some changes to it that I suggested. He helped me to pick just the right glass to use. He soon had it finished and he hung it for me. It is so beautiful! I really love it! It is one of my favorite horse pieces out of all of my collection. You will not go wrong having Mark make something for you!"

Marla D., Aurora CO

"We first saw Mark Stine's stained glass at an arts and craft show. We decided to have him make a window for the front of our house depicting a flamingo (my wife's favorite subject) and a zeppelin (my favorite subject). Although this was a very wacky idea, Mark was eager to do it up right! His first design was perfect, and the artwork he created is still the talk of our neighborhood. Since then, I have commissioned Mark to make two stained glass windows of my favorite aircraft and two windows of eskimo art birds. All of these artworks hang proudly throughout our home, and I am sure that I will commission Mark again. His work is the best I have seen, and I'm an old guy!"

Bill B., Fort Collins CO

"I first saw Mark's stained glass at Trimble Court, a craft gallery here in fort Collins. I commissioned Mark to make a pair of beveled and colored glass windows for two spaces between my office and our living room. Although I wasn't at all sure of what I wanted, Mark helped me to see that I had definite wants in terms of style, privacy, colors, and other factors. He created several drawings from which I chose one that I liked a lot. We matched the colored glass border to the color of our fireplace brick. It seemed the windows were ready almost immediately. Mark installed them himself. I liked them so much that I commissioned Mark about a year later to make two stained glass windows for my front hall. I love them too."

Wanda K., Fort Collins CO

"Mark Stine made two very wonderful stained glass windows for my master bedroom suite. He helped me to figure out what type of design I wanted, and he made several drawings for me to choose from. He was most helpful in the choice of glass, since my concern was to ensure that the windows would provide the privacy I needed but still let in a lot of light during the daytime. The windows are great and I never tire of looking at them. I love Mark's work and I am already considering letting him create stained glass for my upper living room windows."

Maria P., Fort Collins CO

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